Deadline for CMIAR Winter Screening Event is Tomorrow 02/12/2010

The submission deadline for the winter 2010 CMIAR is fast approaching. Tomorrow Feb. 12 2010 is the post mark deadline. So, if you haven’t sent in your film yet, get it in the mail tomorrow. If you are going to miss the winter deadline, no sweat. The submission call is revolving. That means send your film in when you finish it and it will be considered in the next group of submissions.

So, just to recap. Tomorrow  02/12/2010 is the deadline for the Winter CMIAR that is happening at the OSU Urban Art Space Thursday March 12th 2010 from 7-9pm.

If you missed the deadline no worries, you’ll just be considered for the Spring CMIAR instead.

Also, if you haven’t submitted something yet or you are looking for some inspiration put the Winter CMIAR on your calendar. There will be approximately 60-90 minutes worth of local moving image art that can inspire you to create your next work of art.


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