CMIAR at 400 Rich/Columbus Local and the Columbus Arts Fest June 2nd and 3rd

Today(Saturday) and Tomorrow(Sunday) at 400 Rich CMIAR will be presenting a best of screening along with other works. The screenings will start at 2pm and run throughout the day.

The CMIAR Screening will take place in three sets.

Set 1 Movement and the Being Human
One Pill – Sean McHenry
1926/1950/1984 – Corey Aumiller
Scenic Views – Matt Swift
After Image – Kevin Vanscoder
Can – Nicolette Swift
A Musical is Gone – Stacie Sells
Kobresia – Phil Garrett
Explosions Bring Us Closer Together – Jonathan Johnson
Want – Sonya Lucas featuring DJ Moxy
Desire- Samuel Hoar
Ninja Burrito Battle – Michael Carroll

 Set 2 Movement and Exploring Humanity
Infection – Seung Yoon
Extrication of a Man – Matt Swift
Lamentation – Nicolette Swift
Kobresia Fragments – Phil Garrett
Numbers – Sean McHenry
Samsara – Kevin Vanscoder
The Approach – Joshua Fry
Alone in the 475th – George Gantzer
Young Mother Nature – Steve Conroy
Walls – Corey Aumiller

Set 3 Movement and the Human Benign
Quarrel’s Colors – Katelyn Hern
A Memory of a Dream – Sean McHenry
Ennui – Nicolette Lee
Terminal Vertices – Matt Swift
Pancakes for Dad – Stacie Sells
Magnum Opus – Corey Aumiller
Kobresia There – Phil Garrett
The Event – Mitchell Rose
Unattended Baggage – Austin Stewart
Wool and Water – Kevin Vanscoder
Traffic – Marina Goldshteyn
Dreams Draining Dreams Drowning – Scott Sperling


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