Columbus Moving Image Art Review 26 is March 25th

The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) will host its 26th quarterly local moving image screening event on Friday March 25th from 8pm to 9:30pm at Hagerty Hall 180. CMIAR is a screening event for artists residing in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists Nikki Swift and Matt Swift, who wanted to create a way for the seventh art of film to return to the presentation medium of the cinema house.  Free and open to the public. CMIAR is sponsored by The Ohio State University Film Studies Program and Nicolettecinemagraphics. Visit the event on facebook for more information

CMIAR 26 – Screening Artists

Max Wildenhaus/ Blue Room
Annie Deibel/ Fragments
Pamela Theodotou/ The Trouble with Pants
Sarah Hockman/ Anamnesis
Vinnie Raine/ A reflection by Raine
Jim Portela/ Powerful Story
David Broadus/ Choices
Catherine Lee/ p[o]rtal
Catherine Lee/ reach
Christian Merrill/ Contrivance
Sarah Hockman/ ENLIVEN
Toby Kaufmann-Buhler/ Walter’s Wandering Set
William Randall/ The Threadbare Quilt of Geologic Time Unfurls from Place to Place
Jasmine Rajavadee/ For the Love of the Moon
Jess Cavender/ Danse Macabre
Luyao Zhang/ The Starry Night
Nicholas Jackson/ Scrap Metal Art “Sphere”
Eric Homan/ The (Secret) Parks of Dublin… Ohio
Derek Stewart/ Sick Days
Written by Alonzo Jones, Directed by Joddy Eric Matthews/ ReversALL


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