Columbus Moving Image Art Review 36 is September 28th

The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) will host its 36th quarterly local moving image screening event on Friday September 28th from 8:00pm to 9:30pm at Hagerty Hall 180. CMIAR is a screening event for artists residing in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists who wanted to create a way for the seventh art of film to return to the presentation medium of the cinema house.
Free and open to the public. CMIAR is sponsored by the OSU Film Studies Program and Nicolettecinemagraphics. For more information visit our facebook page.

CMIAR 36 Artist
Happy Anniversary, Dr. and Mr. Lederer- Michael Polk – 11:29
The Handsome Woman: Runaway – Zane Abraham and John Corbett – 2:52
Solitude – Andrew Stauft – 2:30
Flossenburg – Heejoo Kim -6:50
ACTION/IS NOT MASCULINE – Mitch Vicieux – 1:00
Combating PTSD with Photography – Bram Fulk – 4:39
Icelandic Atmospheria: Volcanic Paradise – Eric F Homan – 3:26
Dreaming of Nature: Darby Creek – Matt Swift – 3:00
When We Were Free – Mark Franz – 2:15
Cast Out – Liam Manning – 5:37
Rinse and Repeat – Song Chow – 4:13
Mannequin – Pete Burkeet – 7:58
Doll – Audrey Galat – 1:10
Mallard -Christian Merrill- 4:08
A Cold Day In Spring – Justin Vincent – 2:15
Temple of Psyche – Trent Lindsey – 4:59
Nightwriter – Wendy Leigh Loomis 4:50
Cut – Jeremy Allen – 6:00
It’s Your Call – Mad Royal Film Society – 14:40
* CMIAR 36 features a selection of works from the OSU Department of Art‘s Art and Technology program, faculty and students from Columbus College of Art & Design – CCAD, students and alumni from the Arts and Sciences at Ohio State‘s OSU Film Studies Program, and local independent filmmakers from across Central Ohio.


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