CMIAR Artists

SFall 2015 CMIAR 25 Participating Artists
Stacie Sells / “at heart I am an gentleman”
Molly Mickley / Still
Nicolette Swift / Goodbye Margaret
Celia Peters / FIOFY
Catherine Lee / escape[2]space
Catherine Lee / dis[connect]
Catherine Lee / [wander, wonder]
Amy Lewis / All Darmstadtium to the Unsophisticated Havoc
Amy Lewis / Fantastic Foxtor Who
Jennifer Bender, Nicolette Swift / 180 Montage – Broad and High
Pamela Theodotou, Rhea Waldman / Pterodynamica
Molly Mickley / Rorschach
Pamela Theodotou, Rhea Waldman / Leaving
Eric Homan / American Southwest – Landscape Meditations
Phil Garrett / Ísland Film
Kevin Vanscoder / Mountain Waves
Matt Swift / Emitting Velocity – Burning Tree (live Performance)

Summer 2015 CMIAR 24 Participating Artists
Planet Joshua Tree – Eric Homan
American Southwest: Landscape Expressions – Eric Homan
Samtímis – Phil Garrett
Cradle – Matthew Verticchio
The Tragedy at Emmitt Whistle’s Teaser – CCAD Collaborative Project Class
Behind the Scenes: The Tragedy at Emmitt Whistle’s – Kodjo Somana
Persistence of Vision – Jason Younkman
Triptic Air – Pamela Theodotou
Grinder / KinoWeek #8 – Sam Javor
City Walks / Pensacola. Fl / 85 – Nicolette Swift
Emitting Velocity – Mohican Forest 64 Views – Matt Swift

Spring 2015 CMIAR 23 Participating Artists
Dinosauria – Derek Stewart
Les Formes et les Couleurs de la Reine Elizabeth – Matt Swift
The March to Delicate Arch
Desert Ghost Art: Goldwell Open Air Museum – Eric Homan
Mas Bagua Amix – Steve McGuire
Mistranslated – Danielle Belgiovane
The Making of Paul Hamilton’s Blue Beautiful Skies – Nicolette Swift

Winter 2015 CMIAR 22 Participating Artists
Public – Episode One – Mirror Lake + Osama Bin Laden / Seth Radley
Tactical Media Art Criticizes The Ohio State University / Sam Kennard
Excess / Sean Dunn
Crosswalk / Sean Dunn
Tragic 8-Ball / Franz Ross
Ambiguity / Sarah Jane McDonough
Parcourir / Sarah Jane McDonough
In Search of Lost Time / Jason Younkman
The Life of the Hand / Pengfei Lin
The Glassy Cosmos / Pengfei Lin
Earth Odyssey / Pengfei Lin
Odyssey of Paper / Mehul Azad
An Apple A Day / Nicole Crock
Butterhouse / Nicole Crock
Mono Lake of Neptune / Eric Homan
The Waves of Jupiter / Eric Homan
The Wild Iris / Sean McHenry
City Walks 17 – Seattle / Nicolette Swift
City Lights – Cincinnati / Matt Swift
Painting is Sometimes Permitted –Projection Performance / Matt Swift

Fall 2014 CMIAR 21 Participating Artists
Artist Monologues – Alonzo Jones
Call Center Terror – Ondo Media Films
Late August – Nigel Coutinho
Hope & Strength: Life After Miscarriages – Eric Homan
Byrd 1933 “Discovery” Expedition Film – Pamela Theodotou
Echoes of Gomer School – Ondo Media Films
The Pigeon Hole – Edward Allerton
Coke, Cream, Americana – Cody Wittekind
Autism Art #2 – Eric Homan
Blackout – Alexis McCrimmon
Saxony – Alexis McCrimmon
I Am New And So Can You – Mary Baxter
The Boogieman Cometh – Mary Baxter
Slow Ascent – Matt and Nikki Swift
She Devil – Pamela Theodotou
Ebook of the Dead – Preston Hunter
Chuckles in the Dark – Danny Bean
The Banshee – Ondo Media Films

Summer 2014 CMIAR 20 Participating Artists
Ninja Ice Bucket Challenge – Michael Anthony Carroll
for a Season – Adrian Waggoner
Overlooked 4 – Phil Garrett
City Walks – 91 – Philadelphia – Nikki Swift
Rural Colors – Blue Mountain PA – Matt Swift
An Abnormality – Lillianna Marie
Holiday House – Eric Homan
To Antarctica and Back – Pamela Theodotou and Eric Kendrick
BeeoSphere – Amy Youngs, Iris Meier, and OSU Students
F-Stop – Cameron Granger
The Other Side – Michael Mullen III
Jump – Franz Ross
Interval – Ben Brown, Phil Garrett and John Whitney
Deceit – Andrew Theiss

Spring 2014 CMIAR 19 Participating Artists
My Typewriter – Matt Swift
Overlooked 1 – Phil Garrett
Be Happy – Emily Holt
Puppet Man – Yang Wu
We Bleed Too: The Story of Tony Bush – Pamela I Theodotou
Lillian Edie Devoult: Portrait of a Transgendered Individual – Emily Holt
Overlooked 2 – Phil Garrett
Your Memories – Nikki Swift
Life Lapse: Infinity – Eric Homan
City Lights – Alys Beach, Digital Graffiti 2014 – Matt Swift
Buzz 2 – Ken Rinaldo
Pixilation – Shannon McLoon
Overlooked 3 – Phil Garrett

Winter 2014 CMIAR 18 Participating Artists
Consequence of SoundJustin Rose
From Euclid, With Love Verse 1Cameron Granger
Life-Lapses: 2013 #3Eric Homan
AbsenceDavid Goodwin
I, ArtistYang Wu
Shop TalkRichard Smith III
Cat & MouseLevi Miller
2.419Christian Merrill
City Lights – Oglebay Park, Festival of LightsMatt Swift
Walks 187 – YoungstownNicolette Swift
CaryChris Wittum
ImagoSarah Brevick
From Euclid, With Love Verse 2Cameron Granger

Fall 2013 CMIAR 17 Participating Artists
Magic Eye – Franz Ross
Patsy – Yang Wu
Accidental Art – Peter John Ross
Rural Colors – Northern Ohio – Matt Swift
Life-Lapse: 2013 – Eric Homan
City Walks – Nikki Swift
Flash Fetch – Cody Wittekind
Back on Earth? – Phil Garrett
Smile Bigger Than Face – Chris Wittum
Fish Tank – Ethan Roberts

Summer 2013 CMIAR 16 Participating Artists
Uni 3 / Michael Mullen and David Goodwin
Rural Colors – Ohio River / Matt Swift
While my hair was still cut straight across my forehead / Chris Wittum
Støv / Thomas Heban
City Walks – 7, 109, 118, 144 / Nikki Swift
Migration: the fight / Dan Gerdeman
Passing Time / Lina Khatib
The Lottery Will Be Televised / Sean McHenry
The Sacred Art of Stealing / Tristyn Lyon
Creation / Kenneth Herron
Rediscover / Michael Bashaw
The Jewel Thief / Franz Ross and Mark Pasqualotto
Revenge or Forgiveness / Alonzo Jones
Eli’s Liquor Store / Alonzo Jones

Spring 2013 CMIAR 15 Participating Artists
Matt Swift – Briefcase
Sam Javor – My Analog Life
Sakhile Vanqa – Self Portrait
Jamie Yuhasz – Entomophobia
Hannah Rivera – Chimera Phantasm
Sean McHenry – Last Stop
Tyler Dunlavy – Dream Sequence
Dan Riemen – Loquacious Miscellaneous
Chris Wittum – Number 2
Nicolette Swift – City Walk -171 Dayton
William Oglesby – Blackhand
Ruth Burke – Paedagogo
Matt Swift – City Lights – Columbus
Ruth Burke – Glitch Forest
Dan Riemen – Pogo
Kevin Harkness – Chocolate Lovely
Alan Becker – My Paper Crane Flew Away

Winter 2013 CMIAR 14 Participating Artists
Matt Swift – City Lights
Lindsay LaPointe – Rainboxes
Vita Berezina-Blackburn – Walker in the Field
Nikki Swift – City Walks – 22 – Boston
Sean McHenry – My Quiet Day
Eric Homan – Life-Lapse 2013
Kevin Harkness – Self Portrait
Liz Roberts – Flesh Suitcase
Shannon McLoon –  Bodyscape
Franz Ross & Chris Wittum – Spaceman
Eric Hanson – Writer &  Red
Andrew Ina – Pastime

Fall 2012 CMIAR 13 Participating Artists
Time Tunnel – Corey Aumiller
Homeless –  Andrew Ina
One Day – Yang Wu
Tattoo Taboo, Self Portrait/The Show – Amanda Hess
Paralized – Jordan Hetzer
Violent Bliss – Tom Lepley
The Great Destroyer – Hunter Preston
Video  1 project – Yazmin Ruiz
The Astronomer – Phil Garrett
I love BMX – Brant Moore
Imperfect, See Birds (moon) – Sarah Brevick
144 Allentown – Nikki Swift
Advance – Mitchell Rose
Chair, Preserving Friendship  –  Lindsay LaPoint
Properly, Watching People Watching  – Mike Polk

Summer 2012 CMIAR 12 Participating Artists (Special CBUS Design Week Screening)
Matthew Reynolds -A Slice of Columbus
Michael Beaumont Columbus Food Adventures – German Village, Market to Market Fall 2011: Pirates vs. Zombies, Columbus Food Adventures – Short North
Corey Aumiller – Telephone , Fortress, Snow Day
Khoi Tien  -Reminiscing My Columbus
Jennifer Deafenbaugh – Statehouse Tree Lighting, 52000 Strong
Melissa Stidams – Umbra
Jonathan Barnes – A Day at Cunz , Twenty Feet at Mlicki
Rovin Matthew – City
Rachel Spitzer – Capitol
William Santry – Columbus as a Space
Mark Sullivan – Highrise
Zach Frankart – Home
Nikki Swift – 118- Columbus
Olivia Porter – Taste of Columbus
Matt Swift – kg’ no’atbpqsii bitiin (Permanent Way)
April Martin and Jean Pitman – DIY Collective: A Design Intensive for Youth

Spring 2012 CMIAR 11 Participating Artists
Once in a Blue Moon – Faustine Gau
Rhythmus 2012  – Mindy Hurley
The Surgeon’s Son – Ryan Nathan Hale
Orange Vortex – Jacob Koestler
Black andOrange- Molly McCullough
DiSTRACTION – Brian Whitlinger
Quarrel’s Colors – Katelyn Hern
Fertility – Tatiana Svrckova
A Memory of a Dream – Sean McHenry
Ennui – Nicolette Lee
Terminal Vertices – Matt Swift
Magnum Opus – Corey Aumiller

Winter 2012 CMIAR 10 Participating Artists
Joshua Fry –
Jacqueline McGilvray –
Jacob Koestler –
Amber Cecil –
Sean McHenry –
Beth Albright –
Phil Garrett –
Charlesanne Rabensburg –
Steve Conroy –
Anna Tararova –
Nicolette Lee –
George Gantzer –
Tatiana Svrckova –
Susana del Rio Kuroiwa –
Mitchell Rose –
Matt Swift –

Fall 2011 CMIAR Participating Artists
Nicolette Lee
Sean McHenry
Corey Aumiller
Matt Meindl
Moopi Mothibeli
Matt Swift
Philip Garrett
Mitchell Rose
Tatiana Svrckova
Amy Youngs
Ken Rinaldo
Austin Stewart

Summer 2011 CMIAR Participating Artists
Nicolette Lee
Sean McHenry
Corey Aumiller
Sean Smith
Michael Caroll
Matt Swift
Philip Garrett
Work from OSU Art 553 Video Art 1

Spring 2011 CMIAR Participating Artists
Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Faustine Gau
Kevin Vanscoder and the Sunthief / Adam Wetterhan
Moopi Mothibeli
Matt Swift
John Whitney and Philip Garrett

Winter 2011 CMIAR Participating Artists
Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Linnea Clausen http://
Kevin Vanscoder
Stacie Sells
Matt Swift
John Whitney and Philip Garrett

Fall 2010 CMIAR Participating Artists
Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Tristan Blatt and Ben GrahamTristan on Vimeo
Kevin Vanscoder
Samuel Hoar
Elizabeth Dobson
Stacie Sells
Matt Swift
Jonathan Johnson and Jonathan Rattner

Summer 2010 CMIAR Participating Artists
Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Tristan Blatt Tristan on Vimeo
Kevin Vanscoder
Seung Yoon
Stacie Sells
Matt Swift
Jonathan Johnson
Sonya Lucas
DJ Moxy

Spring 2010 CMIAR Participating Artists
David Kraynik
Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Louise ORourke
Marina Goldshteyn
Tristan Blatt Tristan on Vimeo
Stacie Sells
Matt Swift
Joe Nichols
Dana Hatper
John Sabath

Winter 2010 CMIAR Participating Artists

Meredith Carr
Brian Sharrock
Matt Parker
Jonathan Johnson
Scott Sperling
Stacie Sells
Brittany Ransom
Kevin Vanscoder
Matt Swift
Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Louise ORouke

Fall 2009 CMIAR Participating Artists

Nikki ( Nicolette ) Swift
Stacie Sells
Cassie Troyan
Derek Nicol
W.C. Brunk
David Kraynik
Ryland Wharton
Matt Swift
Todd Rector
Kevin VanScoder


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